Policies & Forms

All students must wear long pants, (no capris) and close-toed shoes (no sandals, no crocs) that completely cover the foot. All safety equipment will be supplied. All full-day campers should bring a bag lunch, two snacks and a refillable water bottle each day.

Refund & Cancellation Policy: Leasing, Sales and Boarding
Leasing contracts must be paid in full in advance, there are no refunds given for terminating the lease early. All sales are final and horses are sold as is. No refunds are given and all sales are final. Boarding refunds are issued only if management asks customer to leave and the refund would then be prorated by the month.

Weather Policy:
Lessons are canceled when the temperatures is greater than 95 degrees or below 10 degrees. Cancellation for any other weather issues will be made on an individual basis.

General Policies:

  • All guests must sign a liability form.
  • Pick up after your children, this includes trash, clothes, tack, etc.
  • Children must be supervised by their parents or an adult at all times.
  • Please do not allow children to climb fences or let dogs out on the property.
  • Close your horse’s door, latch it tight, and pick up manure your horse made.
  • Clean and put away all tack when you are finished.

In Case of Emergency:
Should a student fall, please remain quiet and seated. Screaming or running out into the ring may cause other horses to get upset. The instructor will direct the class along with other barn help and if needed will call you into the ring, at which time you should walk quietly out to the student. As long as the student is not injured, it is our policy to get them right back on the horse.

Still Have Questions?
Please call (845) 363-6000 or email us at meadowcreekfarm@mail.com for more information.


Summer Program 2015